Bushveld Lizard

Bushveld Lizard








Crag Lizard


Drakensberg Crag Lizard
Cape Crag Lizard








I still need to see the following Crag Lizards:

Northern Crag Lizard Spiny Crag Lizard
Dwarf Crag Lizard Graceful Crag Lizard
Lang’s Crag Lizard

Flat Lizard


Waterberg Flat Lizard
Sekukune Flat Lizard
Common Flat Lizard
Broadley’s Flat Lizard








Flat Lizards that I still have to see:


Cape Flat Lizard
Soutpansberg Flat Lizard Dwarf Flat Lizard
Emperor Flat Lizard Lebombo Flat Lizard
Occelated Flat Lizard Orangethroated Flat Lizard
Pungwe Flat Lizard Striped Flat Lizard

Girdled Lizard


Cape Gridled Lizard
Karoo Girdled Lizard








I still have to see the following Gridled Lizards

Armadillo Girdled Lizard Black Girdled Lizard
Bluespotted Girdled Lizard Cambell’s Girdled Lizard
Zimbabwe Girdled Lizard Cloete’s Girdled Lizard
Dwarf Girdled Lizard Dwarf Karoo Girdled Lizard
Giant Girdled Lizard Gorongosa Girdled Lizard
Herero Girdled Lizard Jordan’s Girdled Lizard
Warren’s Girdled Lizard Largescaled Girdled Lizard
Lawrence’s Girdled Lizard Machodoe’s Girdled Lizard
McLachlan’s Girdled Lizard Namaqua Girdled Lizard
Oelofsen’s Girdled Lizard Peer’s Girdled Lizard
Regal Girdled Lizard Rooiberg Girdled Lizard
Tasman’s Girdled Lizard Transvaal Girdled Lizard
Tropical Girdled Lizard Van Dam’s Girdled Lizard
Waterberg Girdled Lizard

Plated Lizard


Yellow-throated Plated Lizard
Giant Plated Lizard









I still need to see the following Plated Lizards:

Blacklined Plated Lizard Desert Plated Lizard
Dwarf Plated Lizard Roughscaled Plated Lizard
Kalahari Plated Lizard Namaqua Plated Lizard

Sandveld Lizard


Spotted Sandveld Lizard
Holub’s Sandveld Lizard









I still need to see the Sandveld Lizards listed below:

Bluetailed Sandveld Lizard Delalande’s Sandveld Lizard
Striped Sandveld Lizard Karoo Sandveld Lizard
Ornate Sandveld Lizard Western Sandveld Lizard

Roughscaled Lizard


Cape Rough-scaled Lizard
Common Rough-scaled Lizard









I still need to see Caprivi Roughscaled Lizard.


Lizards families that is still need to see some species of:

Blue Tailed Tree Lizard

Blue Tailed Tree Lizard

Desert Lizard

Knox’s Desert Lizard Reticulated Desert Lizard
Smallscaled Desert Lizard Smith’s Desert Lizard
Spotted Desert Lizard Wedgesnouted Desert Lizard

Grass Lizard

Cape Grass Lizard Largescaled Grass Lizard
Transvaal Grass Lizard

Mountain Lizard

Cape Mountain Lizard Common Mountain Lizard
Cottrell’s Mountain Lizard Essex’s Mountain Lizard

Rock Lizard

Southern Rock Lizard Soutpansberg Rock Lizard

Sand Lizard

Angolan Sand Lizard Burchell’s Sand Lizard
Cape Sand Lizard Husab Sand Lizard
Kaokoveld Sand Lizard Namaqua Sand Lizard
Plain Sand Lizard Shortheaded Sand Lizard
Spotted Sand Lizard Waterberg Sand Lizard
Western Sand Lizard

Shovelsnouted Lizard

Sovelsnounted Lizard

Worm Lizard

Anchieta’s Worm Lizard Black Roundheaded Worm Lizard
Blunttailed Worm Lizard Cape Spadesnouted Worm Lizard
De Coster’s Spadesnouted Worm Lizard Dusky Spadesnouted Worm Lizard
Ferocious Roundheaded Worm Lizard Kalahari Roundheaded Worm Lizard
Kalahari Spadesnouted Worm Lizard Lang’s Roundheaded Worm Lizard
Longtailed Worm Lizard Slender Spadesnouted Worm Lizard
Swynnerton’s Roundheaded Worm Lizard Van Dam’s Roundheaded Worm Lizard
Violet Roundheaded Worm Lizard Zambezi Spadesnouted Worm Lizard
Zimbabwe Spadesnouted Worm Lizard

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