The Life In My Garden

We often complain that we do not get enough time out to explore nature, yet we do not realise that we are surrounded by many creatures on a daily basis.

I have set myself the quest to find as much life in my garden as I can. There is no end date to this quest and I will continually update these pages with new findings.

I will also take photographs of as many as I possibly can. The smaller creatures will be a challenge as at present I make do with either long distance shots with a 100-400mm lens or using a home built macro lens. Thus apologies if some of the photos are not of the highest quality.

I am by no means a expert on all wildlife and will probably mis-identify some. If you do notice this, I would appreciate if you let me know and I will make corrections.

Specie Counters:

Category # of Species
Birds 105
Mammals 6
Reptiles 3
Amphibian 1
Insects 142
Spiders 18
Other 6
Alien or invasive species 14

Total species: 281



Most of the birds featured in this gallery was photographed in my garden. Some species are very difficult to photograph in a garden setting, and there are a few photos added purely for illustration.


Reptiles and Amphibian


Spiders and Scorpions


Alien & Invasive

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