Birding 101 is about getting new people into birding, and assisting those who have just started, to get the most out of the hobby. In the beginning it can be very daunting; there are so many birds and so many look exactly the same to the untrained eye. Where do you start to look for the bird in the book? In fact many beginners just want the know where to find the bird in the bush!Please explore my site as I try and help you make the most of your hobby, learn some skills and get you on the road to passionate birding.But this is not just for new birders, so all you experienced birders, please also explore and share in my exploits, I am sure you will find some interesting information too.



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  1. Very nice website, I will be watching this space for more updtes on your trips, I am also planning motorcycle trips (I finally managed to buy one after 4 years of waiting), the trips will include wildlife photography but mainly birding.

    The info of which birds I see where and when will also be sent to conservation organizations to assist in tracking of birds.

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