Weekend at Kameel

At the end of May we spent some time on a game farm called Kameel,north-west of Thabazimbi, almost at the Botswana border. This is a good transitional area between Bushveld and Kalahari, wich allows for some interesting birds to be present. the highlight of the weekend was finding three Sandgrouse species: Double Banded, Yellow-throated and Burchell’s.

I spent around 5 hours hanging out a small watering hole, and had cracking shots of 2 male Burchell’s Sandgrouse coming in to drink, and filling up their belly feathers with water to take back to thier offspring. Also at the waterhole were some nice sightings of Barred Wren-warbler, Yellow-throated Petronia and Violet-eared waxbills.  On an open field we also had far off sightings of Temminck’s Courser.


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