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Mkhombo Dam


Mkhombo Dam Nature Reserve is situated in the very North western corner of Mpumalanga on the Elands river and was formerly known as Renosterkop dam. It is situated in extensive stands of thornveld, with a significant shoreline for water birds. It is probably the best rarity hotspot in the northern provinces of South Africa.






Verlorenkloof is situated on the upper reaches of the Crocodile river on the road to Lydenburg and near Dullstroom.  This is a timeshare resort with some excellent fly-fishing. The resort has a variety of habitats ranging from wetlands, moist grassland, Afro-montane forest and high altitude grassland.





Millstream is a holiday resort just outside the town of Dullstroom. the main attraction is the number of dams and weirs for fly fishing, but as this contains much water and higher altitude grassland, birding is good too




Verlorenvallei Nature Reserve


The reserve has typical Highlands grassland with a network of wetlands and rocky outcrops. Birding, butterflies and flowers are spectacular in this reserve.






Duma Game Reserve


Djuma Game Reserve forms part of the greater Sabie Sands Reserve bordering on Kruger National Park.  This is probably one of the best places in the country to view the Big 5, especially the cats, with excellent trackers on the game vehicles that will track down something special on every drive.




Kruger National Park (Mpumalanga)




Berg-en-Dal is surely one my favourite birding camp in the south of the park. The camp still has much of the natural growth, ensuring that there is an abundance of birds. There is a very nice walking trail in the camp which affords great views over the dam. The area around the camp is very good for Leopard and Lion.




Crocodile Bridge


Crocodile Bridge is one of those quiet little camps, probably the quietest in the south of the park, yet has some of the best game viewing in the area.




Biyamiti and Afsaal


Biyamiti Weir to me is one of the most beautiful spots in the park. The weir and river always has some interesting life to view. Afsaal is a good spot for a break, and with luck some good sightings in the area.





Lower Sabie


From a game viewing perspective Lower Sabie is surely one of the best camps in the park. Late afternoons are great for parking off at Sunset Dam, which always has something to see or photograph.







Game viewing around Skukuza is usually very good, and there is an extensive road network  that helps to get access to the area. Although this is the busiest camps, in my view the camp itself has very high bird diversity.




Lake Panic


Lake Panic strictly falls within the Skukuza camp area, but as this is such a great spot and affords many photographic opportunities it has place for its own gallery.





Pretorius Kop


Pretorius Kop and surrounds is my “wild card” area in the park. Sometimes the game and birding is outstanding, and at other times this could be the doldrums of the park.







The Tshokwane area is good for Buffalo and Elephant, and also supports a healthy population of predators. However, it is in the wet season when I love this area best, when Leeupan and Siloweni pan has water and an abundance of life.







Situated on the plains of Kruger, Satara camp itself does not have any feature attractions such as a river or lookout, yet with possibly the best overall game viewing in the park, the camp has an underlying air of excitement. If you have one day in the park to see the Big 5, this is where best to attempt it.




Orpen Gate


Orpen, and satellite camp, Marula, has mainly been an entrance and exit corridor for me, and thus most of my birding and game viewing has been in passing through.