Spiders in my garden

I have identified the folling spiders families in my garden. I will now start the identification of individual species where possible.

  • Garbage Line Spiders (Cyclosa)
  • Daddy Long Legs (Phoculus and Smeringopus)
  • Brown Button Spider (Latrodectus Geometricus)
  • Black Button Spider (Latrodectus indistinctus)
  • Long-legged Sac spider (Cheiracanthium furculatum
  • Dark sac spiderRain Spider (Corinnidae ssp)
  • Rain Spider (Palystes superciliosus)
  • Jumping Spiders (Salticidae) (2 species)
  • Scorpion Spider (Platoyides)False Button Spider (Fam Steodata)

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