Cape Porcupine
Tree Squirrel
South African Ground Squirrel








Grey Squirrel
Brants’s Whistling Rat
Woodland Thicket Rat
Acacia Rat








Black Rat
Brown Rat
African Pygmy Mouse
Neaves Mouse








Four-striped Grass Mouse
House Mouse
Southern Multimamate Mouse
Littledales Whistling Rat








Red Veld Rat
Namaqua Rock Mouse
Red Bush Squirrel
Common Mole-Rat









This is a list of Southern African Rodents that I still need to see:

Namaqua Dune Mole Rat Cape Dune Mole Rat Damaraland Mole Rat
Cape Mole Rat Woosnam’s Zelotomys Dassie Rat Greater Cane Rat
Shortridge’s Rat Black-tailed Tree Rat Mountain Ground Squirrel Smith’s Bush Squirrel
Verreaux’s White-footed Rat Small-eared Dormouse Woodland Dormouse Spectacled Dormouse
Rock Dormouse Stone Dormouse Barbour’s Rock Mouse Pygmy Rock Mouse
Brukkaros Pygmy Rock Mouse Gray Glimbing Mouse Brant’s Climbing Mouse Chestnut Climbing Mouse
Nyika Climbing Mouse Gerbil Mouse Kreb’s Fat Mouse Fat Mouse
White-tailed Rat Phascogalini Spiny mouse Cape Spiny Mouse
Angoni Vlei Rat Vlei Rat Laminate Vlei Rat Saunder’s Vlei Rat
Sloggett’s Vlei Rat Karoo Bush Rat Orange Mouse Desert Pygmy Mouse
Cape Short-eared Gerbil Hairy-footed Gerbil Bushy-tailed Hairy-footed Gerbil Cape Gerbil
Highveld Gerbil Bushveld Gerbil Single-striped Grass Mouse Grant’s Rock Rat
Tete Veld Aethomys Natal Multimammate Mouse Common Dasymys Mozambique Thicket Rat

5 thoughts on “Rodents”

    1. Hi Micheal. We don’t get any voles in South Africa. We get two families of moles. The one is Golden Moles (family Chrysochloridae) of which Cape Golden Mole is fairy common in the cape, and then there are Mole-rats (Family Bathyergidae) of which there are three that are more commonly found in the Cape. These are Cape Dune Mole-rat, Cape Mole-rat and Common Mole-rat. Mole-rats are larger, around 15-30cm in length, where Golden Moles are around 10-11cm

  1. Hi – we live in Mooi River (kzn midlands) and rescued a tiny rodent yesterday.
    In a field which was being baled.
    We are sure it is a vole.
    Could you help identify it?
    Many thanks

  2. Hello, as per Vicky’s comment April 22, 2022, I have also come across a vole. At least I think it is. Staying in KZN Midlands as well. Please could you help identify?

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