Beaked Blind Snakes


Schlegel’s Beaked Blind Snake








Still to be seen:

Schinz’s Beaked Blind Snake Delalande’s Beaked Blind Snake
Boyle’s Beaked Blind Snake


Beaked Snake


Rufous Beaked Snake








I still need to see a Dwarf Beaked Snake



Other Snakes

Mole Snake
Many Spotted Snake
Spotted Bush Snake







Other Snakes I still need to see:

Coral Snake Creamspotted Mountain Snake
Eastern Striped Swamp Snake Flowerpot Snake
Herald Snake Lined Olympic Snake
Semiornate Snake Shieldnose Snake
Vine Snake Swazi Rock Snake
Yellowbellied Sea Snake Western Keeled Snake

Water Snake


Common Brown Water Snake








Water Snakes I still have to see

Barotse Water Snake Mulanje Water Snake
Duskybellied Water Snake Floodplain Water Snake
Green Water Snake


Green and Black Snakes


Eastern Green Snake








Other Green and Black Snakes I still need to see:

Western Green Snake Gerard’s Black and Yellow Burrowing Snake
Natal Black Snake Ornate Green Snake


Sand Snake

Stripe-bellied Sand Snake


Cape Sand Snake Dwarf Sand Snake
Jalla’s Sand Snake Karoo Sand Snake
Western Sand Snake

Bark Snake

Eastern Bark Snake







Tiger Snakes

Eastern Tiger Snake


I still need to see Beetz’s Tiger Snake






Thread Snake

Distant’s Thread Snake








Black Thread Snake Cape Thread Snake
Damara Thread Snake Western Thread Snake
Forest Thread Snake Longtailed Thread Snake
Peter’s Thread Snake Pungwe Thread Snake
Slender Thread Snake Tello’s Thread Snake

Other Families of Snakes I still need to see and photograph:

Blind Snake

Bibron’s Blind Snake Fornasini’s Blind Snake
Slender Blind Snake

File Snake

Angola File Snake Black File Snake
Cape File Snake

Garter Snake

Angolan Garter Snake Boulenger’s Garter Snake
Gunther’s Garter Snake Sundervall’s Garter Snake

Grass Snake

Crossmarked Grass Snake Greybellied Grass Snake
Olive Grass Snake Shortsnouted Grass Snake

Harlequin Snakes

Spotted Harlequin Snake Striped Harlequin Snake

House Snakes

Aurora House Snake Brown House Snake
Fisk’s House Snake Olive House Snake
Spotted House Snake Yellowbellied House Snake

Marsh Snakes

Forest Marsh Snake Olive Marsh Snake

Purpleglossed Snake

Common Purpleglossed Snake Eastern Purpleglossed Snake
Kalahari Purpleglossed Snake Natal Purpleglossed Snake

Quillsnouted Snake

Bicoloured Quillsnouted Snake Eastern Quillsnouted Snake
Kalahari Quillsnouted Snake Transvaal Quillsnouted Snake

Tree Snake

Crosbarred Tree Snake Marbled Tree Snake

Wolf Snake

Cape Wolf Snake Dwarf Wolf Snake
Eastern Wolf Snake Hellmich’s Wolf Snake
Namibian Wolf Snake Pygmy Wolf Snake
Spotted Wolf Snake Variegated Wolf Snake

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