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  1. I have put a sisal nest in a tree in the garden and barbett is already interested. I want know if I should put a hole in the nest as a start.

    1. Odette, most sisal logs that you buy should have a pilot hole already. If it does not, make one around 10-15cm from the top. If you dont there is good chance that they drill too high or too low, or even from the top and ruin the log

  2. Hi, I have crested barbett’s nesting but those dreadful Indian Miners are trying their utmost to get into the nest…..I hope you have good suggestions for me as to how I can keep these birds away

    1. Sadly no. They are a nuisance, and difficult to keep away form the indigenous birds. Probably you can try and shoot them with a powerful water pistol until they get the message, but be careful not to get water into the log if the barbets have nestlings.

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