Jumping the Rockjumper

After finding the Mega tick in the Little Crake, I had time to spare in Cape Town. As Tokai Forest was around the corner I headed there in the hope of locating both Common Caffinch and Cape Siskin, but sadly dipped on both. I did find a new butterfly there which will be added soon.

Measuring my options from there and the wind picking up, I decided to take a chance on the Rockjumpers at Rooi-els. All reports indicated that the birds are more often seen in the mornings before they move higher up the mountain, but I know that they have been seen lower down in the afternoon.

I took a very long walk along the path with not much luck. With the wind picking up and it becoming more overcast, I had to give it up and return to the car. in the last 25m meters before the car a brick red bird popped up on a rock. Quarry found!! a found at least two other birds and thier photos have been added: Cape RockJumper

2 thoughts on “Jumping the Rockjumper”

  1. Hi Mike,

    It seems as if we had exactly the same trip, except that we dipped on the Rock-jumper as well.

    The three of us started the Saturday visiting mrs Little Crake, followed by Tokai for the Common Caffinch and Cape Siskin – no luck.

    Then went to Sandfontein Sewage Works – better luck there.

    Then off to Rooi-els, but after 2 hours of walking up and down the path, no luck.

    Lucky you!


    1. Thanks Henk,

      It was so close and i did not get it. I was almost happier to get the Rockjumper than the Crake as I had been looking for it for so long

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