Log your bird sightings on Konkoit

We introduced an application and website called Konkoit, where birders can use a mobile application to log all their sightings while birding, with the ability to use GPS to record the exact location of the bird. The sightings can be synchronised to the website, where an automated life list is created, and all your sightings can be stored and managed.  We have loaded all the world species on the application, and choosing the relevant location will filter the list.

So far we have developed the mobile apps for Windows Mobile, Android and Blackberry. The iPhone app will be on the iPhone store in two weeks’ time, and the Symbian app available on the website in a few weeks’ time.

All the apps and the website is still very much in a “pilot” stage, but anyone willing to try it out and give us feedback are welcome to do so. Just visit www.konkoit.com or contact me for more information.

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