There are three Bulbuls that visit our gardens depending on where you live.  Along the Western Cape coast you will find the Cape Bulbul, the central part of the country has the Red-eyed Bulbul and the eastern parts the Dark-capped Bulbuls.

These  lively birds all have yellow vents and are noticed for their exited call and chattering. They are very observant and finding a number excitedly calling from somewhere often reveals some danger in an owl, snake or cat.

They are well adapted to our gardens, but prefer gardens that have fruit bearing plants and are easily attracted to feeding trays by placing soft fruit but their favorites are paw-paw and apples. When available they will also eat fresh bone meal.

Bulbuls breed in spring and build a small bowl from roots, hair and grass. Incubation is around 12-14 days, where after the parents will care for the fledgelings for around another 12 days.

Dark-capped Bulbul
Red-eyed Bulbul
Cape Bulbul

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