An Introduction to Birding 101

Who am I?

I have been known by many names: Imax, 00camper, 00bird, Moné’s father and husband of Sonel. Most of all I am a man of many passions. Birding is obviously a big one, but I also enjoy photography, painting, hiking, cooking, camping, conservation and beer (and wine… and whisky).

Why this site?

Of all my passions, birding and photography are at the top of the pile.  With this website I can share both passions. To me relaxing means doing something. I never sit still.

Obviously I can’t spend every spare minute photographing birds. This website gives me the opportunity to continue with my passion even when I am not in the field. I want to share my knowledge and get more people involved in birding. The more people that bird, even if it is just in their gardens, the greater the awareness, love and subsequently the protection of the birds.

My birding philosophy

I believe that how and why you bird is a personal choice. Whether you’re a tick chaser (someone who birds to increase their life-list), a garden birder, an occasional birder or a tourist birder doesn’t matter to me.

I bird for the sheer pleasure of it. I never get tired of seeing the same birds. A breeding pair of crested barbets gets me as excited as a martial eagle in flight.

My vision

My vision is to get as many new birders active and behind their binoculars as I can. Newbies, inexperienced birders, amateurs and gardeners, I want to help them all. I want birding101 to be a birding portal, a resource and an outlet for my own creativity. I hope you will bookmark this site and become a regular visitor.

I look forward to sharing talks, blogs, pics and advice here.

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