Garden Birds

List of birds seen in my garden:

African Green-Pigeon African Hoopoe African Olive-Pigeon
African Palm-Swift African Paradise-Flycatcher African Sacred Ibis
African Wattled Lapwing Amethyst Sunbird Amur Falcon
Barn Owl Barn Swallow Black-backed Puffback
Black-collared Barbet Blacksmith Lapwing Black-throated Canary
Bronze Mannikin Brown-backed Honeybird Burchell’s Coucal
Cape Glossy Starling Cape Robin-Chat Cape Sparrow
Cape Turtle-Dove Cape Wagtail Cape White-eye
Cardinal Woodpecker Cattle Egret Common Fiscal
Common Myna Crested Barbet Crowned Lapwing
Dark-capped Bulbul Diderick Cuckoo Egyptian Goose
European Bee-eater Fiscal Flycatcher Glossy Ibis
Golden-tailed Woodpecker Greater Honeyguide Greater Striped Swallow
Green Wood-Hoopoe Grey Go-away-bird Hadeda Ibis
Horus Swift House Sparrow Karoo Thrush
Laughing Dove Lesser Striped Swallow Little Egret
Little Swift Pied Crow Red-breasted Swallow
Red-chested Cuckoo Red-eyed Dove Red-faced Mousebird
Red-headed Finch Red-knobbed Coot Red-throated Wryneck
Red-winged Starling Reed Cormorant Rock Dove
Rock Martin Rose-ringed Parakeet Southern Grey-headed Sparrow
Southern Masked-Weaver Southern Red Bishop Speckled Mousebird
Speckled Pigeon Spotted Eagle-Owl Spotted Thick-knee
Streaky-headed Seedeater Thick-billed Weaver White-bellied Sunbird
White-fronted Bee-eater White-rumped Swift White-throated Swallow
Willow Warbler Yellow-billed Duck Yellow-billed Kite
Yellow-fronted Canary


Escapees seen: African Grey Parrot, Fishers Love-bird, Budgerian

4 thoughts on “Garden Birds”

  1. What a fabulous site. I have such a busy garden and the way you have put this web sight together is just brilliant. WELL DONE. So much info I have not taken the time to record so this is just perfect. Thank you. Xxx ?

  2. Hi there. I spotted a pintailed wydah in my garden for the last two days. I live in Witpoortjie Gauteng in the West Rand. Is it usual for them to be found here. I have taken videos

  3. I’m from UK & have been blown away by the wonderful biodiversity in Capetowns Green Point Gardens Lovely views around the golf course pools

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