Swifts, Swallows & Martins

Spinetails and Saw-wing

Bohm’s Spinetail
Black Saw-wing







I still need to see Mottled Spinetail, White-headed Saw-wing and Eastern Saw-wing.


African Palm Swift
Alpine Swift
Common Swift
African Black Swift







Bradfield’s Swift
Little Swift
Horus Swift
White-rumped Swift







I still need to see Scarce Swift, Mottled Swift and Pallid Swift



Brown-throated Martin
Banded Martin
Rock Martin








Common House Martin
Sand Martin


I still need to see Mascarene Martin







White-throated Swallow
Pearl-breasted Swallow
Barn Swallow
Wire-tailed Swallow








Greater Striped Swallow
Lesser Striped Swallow
Red-breasted Swallow
Mosque Swallow








Grey-rumped Swallow
South African Cliff Swallow








I have seen but not photographed Blue Swallow

I have yet to see Angola Swallow. Red-rumped Swallow I have seen in India but did not get a photo.


3 thoughts on “Swifts, Swallows & Martins”

  1. I live in Stratford upon Avon and am fascinated by apus apus which arrive mid April for four to five months, nesting under the eaves in a house opposite me on the canal.

  2. I am on holiday at a Dam in KZN and I found a little swift on the sid of a road I was walking on. It seems to have hurt it’s wing because when held up high I can’t fly. It is drinking water but can anyone suggest food as I am in a remote area

    1. They are exclusively insect eaters, in a pinch you can try small bits of mince, but this is not sustainable in the longer term as it wont have all the nutrients needed. Best is to get it to a vet or wildlife rehab in the area

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