Southern African Amphibians


Bull Frogs

African Bullfrog
Giant Bullfrog








Common (Boettger’s) Caco







Foam Nest Frog

Southern Foam Nest Frog








Common Platanna







Reed Frogs

Painted Reed Frog








River Frogs

Common River Frog
Phofung River Frog
Deladande’s River Frog
Cape River Frog








Drakensberg River Frog








Sand Frogs

Natal Sand Frog
Knocking Sand Frog
Tremelo Sand Frog








Shovel-nosed Frogs

Mottled Shovel-nosed Frog








Stream Frogs

Clicking Stream Frog









Eastern Olive Toad
Guttural Toad
Flat-backed Toad
Red Toad







Grass Frogs

Plain Grass Frog







Rubber Frogs

Marbled Rubber Frog








I still need to see amphibians in the following families:

  • Cascade Frog
  • Chirping Frogs
  • Ghost Frogs
  • Golden Backed Frog
  • Kassinas
  • Kloof Frog
  • Leaf-folding Frogs
  • Marsh Frog
  • Micro Frog
  • Moss Frogs
  • Mountain Toadlets
  • Ornate Frog
  • Puddle Frogs
  • Pygmy Toad
  • Rain Frogs
  • Rattling Frog
  • Squeakers
  • Tree Frogs
  • Van Dijk’s Toads