Dwarf Gecko


Cape Dwarf Gecko
Chobe Dwarf Gecko







The following Dwarf Gecko’s I still need to see:

Angola Dwarf Gecko Bernard’s Dwarf Gecko
Blackspotted Dwarf Gecko Bradfield’s Dwarf Gecko
Stevenson’s Dwarf Gecko Waterberg Dwarf Gecko
Granite Dwarf Gecko Lawrence’s Dwarf Gecko
Methuen’s Dwarf Gecko Spotted Dwarf Gecko



Thicktoed Gecko


Cape Thick-toed Gecko
Turner’s Thick-toed Gecko
Bibron’s Thick-toed Gecko








Other Thick-toed Geckos still to be seen:

Angoland Banded Thicktoed Gecko Austen’s Ticktoed Gecko
Banded Thicktoed Gecko Western Spotted Thicktoed Gecko
Brandberg Thicktoed Gecko Weber’s Thicktoed Gecko
FitzSimon’s Thicktoed Gecko Golden Spotted Thicktoed Gecko
Haacke’s Thicktoed Gecko Kaokoveld Thicktoed Gecko
Koch’s Thicktoed Gecko Largescaled Thicktoed Gecko
Marico Thicktoed Gecko Namaqua Thicktoed Gecko
Occelated Thicktoed Gecko O’Shaughnessy’s Thicktoed Gecko
Rough Thicktoed Gecko San Steyn’s Thicktoed Gecko
Schertz’s Thicktoed Gecko Speckled Thicktoed Gecko
Spotted Thicktoed Gecko Tete Thicktoed Gecko
Thinskinned Thicktoed Gecko Tiger Thicktoed Gecko
Transvaal Thicktoed Gecko Tsolido Thicktoed Gecko
Western Cape Thicktoed Gecko Van Son’s Thicktoed Gecko
Velvety Thicktoed Gecko


Tropical House Gecko


Moreau’s Tropical House Gecko








Tropical House Gecko’s to be seen:

Flathead Tropical House Gecko Longheaded Tropical House Gecko
Tasman’s Tropical House Gecko

Velvet Gecko


Wahlberg’s Velvet Gecko








I still need to see Muller’s Velvet Gecko



Gekco’s in the following families I have not yet seen:

Barking Gecko

Carp’s Barking Gecko Common Barking Gecko
Koch’s Barking Gecko

Day Gecko

Barnard’s Namib Day Gecko Boulton’s Namib Day Gecko
Bradfield’s Namib Day Gecko Common Namib Day Gecko
Kaokoveld Namib Day Gecko Namaqua Day Gecko

Festive Gecko

Festive Gecko

Flat Gecko

African Flat Gecko Amatola Flat Gecko
Giant Swazi Flat Gecko Hall’s Flat Gecko
Hawequa Flat Gecko Kaokoveld Flat Gecko
Karoo Flat Gecko Loveridge’s Flat Gecko
Lowveld Flat Gecko Marley’s Flat Gecko
Mountain Flat Gecko Pondo Flat Gecko
Tembo Flat Gecko Transvaal Flat Gecko
Woodbush Flat Gecko

Ground Gecko

Giant Ground Gecko Kalahari Ground Gecko

Leaftoed Gecko

Braack’s Dwarf Leaftoed Gecko Cedarberg Dwarf Leaftoed Gecko
Essex’s Dwarf Leaftoed Gecko Hewitts’ Dwarf Leaftoed Gecko
Marbled Leaftoed Gecko Namaqualand Dwarf Leaftoed Gecko
Peringuey’s Coastalf Leaftoed Gecko Richtersveld Dwarf Leaftoed Gecko
Smallscaled Dwarf Leaftoed Gecko Striped Dwarf Leaftoed Gecko
Swartberg African Leaftoed Gecko

Webfooted Gecko

Kaoko Webfooted Gecko Webfooted Gecko

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